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Indian Subcontinent, being one of the world’s fastest growing mobile phone market, where Indian market is a much renowned market area of opportunities for a vast number of mobile phone brands. The competition in the mobile phone market is so tight in the Indian market where the leading mobile phone brands keep on changing even on quarterly basis. Even the leading Global Mobile Phone Brand, Apple is having a tough market in India. Apple iPhone is unable to come into the top 5 mobile companies in terms of market share according to certain reports released last year. The case is slightly different in other sub-continent countries like Srilanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh & Nepal where Samsung mobile phone brand has bagged  the majority of the market share among the mobile phone vendors. Many retailers and consumers from the Indian sub-continent rely on Mobile Phone Wholesalers from Dubai to buy wholesale phones.

CompuCell is a leading Wholesale Mobile Phone Distributor at Dubai where you can buy mobile Phones in Bulk. We  are the trusted mobile phone trader having the Wholesale Mobile Shops providing competitive wholesale price for various brands of mobile phones like Wholesale iPhone, Wholesale Samsung Phones, Wholesale Huawei Phones, Wholesale OnePlus Phones, Wholesale LG Phones, Wholesale Xiaomi Phones, Wholesale Nokia Phones, Wholesale Lenovo Phones etc to different parts of Indian Sub-Continent. Become our trusted mobile phone trading partner, sit back and enjoy a hazzle-free shipping of mobile phones to your destination. CompuCell has 18+ years of excellence in the Wholesale Mobile Phone Distribution, supply, handling Logistics to various countries world wide. We make the wholesale mobile phone trading process simpler than anyone else as we are conveniently located in the Dubai Airport Freezone. We also have a branch of wholesale mobile shop in the much known Deira Mobile Wholesale Market in Dubai. The unique features of our trading platform are :

  1. Best Prices

  2. In-House Logistics

  3. Outstanding Service

  4. Value Added Services

  5. Genuine Products

Check out various mobile phone brands that CompuCell supply to the SubContinent Countries.

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