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Welcome to CompuCell, The Mobile Phones Wholesaler (Compu Cell Group)

CompuCell is a premium Mobile Phones Wholesaler and a Wholesale partner of Electronics in Dubai Airport Free zone (DAFZA) and Dubai Wholesale Market (Deira) – Leader in Mobile Wholesale Market Dubai

CompuCell has grown to be a Trusted Name in The Wholesale and Distribution and Online sales of Mobile phones, LapTops, Electronic Gadgets and Accessories. We are proud to say that we are the leading
Mobile Phones Wholesaler in the globally well known Dubai mobile market.

Our clientele have enjoyed the most comfortable buying experience and an assured guarantee of quality in their business with us. 

Technological revolution is at a much rapid pace than any time before. Mobile phones have evolved from purely communication devices to all-encompassing lifestyle definers to such an extent that life without phones is virtually impossible.

Smart phones have now become center-piece of life. With fast data transfers, internet connectivity, messaging, smart business, shopping, entertainment and many more at your finger tips and combining almost similar processing powers of a computer, this has virtually taken over all aspects
of a person’s life. The reach of mobile phones has made great impact in the lives of people even in many remote parts of the world. Smart phones are the present and future !

Many mobile phone retailers in different regions of the world are looking for a trusted Mobile Phones Wholesaler for the smooth functioning of their business. When you become a trusted Mobile phone trading partner with us, we offer you 5 star values like Genuine Products, In-house Logistics, Best Price, Outstanding Service and Value Added Service and thus each of our business partner will benefit from us. We are proud to be associated with various mobile phone retailers and consumers in various regions of the world.



    P.O.Box: 113527, #Warehouse D07, Dubai Airport Freezone (DAFZA), Dubai – UAE