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The Indian wholesale mobile phone market is a very dynamic mobile market where lot of international and local mobile brands are playing a major role among wholesalers and retailers. With the increased use of internet in everyday life, more and more Indian consumers are looking for smart and reasonable way of buying different models of mobile phones and changing their phone brands and models to stay up-to-date with the trend. Some of the reports say for the period Oct 2018 to Oct 2019, Indian mobile phone market is dominated by Samsung and Xiaomi in the Mobile Phone Vendor Market Share.

 It is really a great challenge for the retailers to stock the latest models of mobile phones to cope with the increasing demand in India. When you become trading partner with CompuCell, Mobile wholesale Supplier based in Dubai, you don’t have to worry about stocking the mobile phones. CompuCell is a top wholesale mobile shop supplying wholesale mobile phones to several retailers and consumers in India.  CompuCell is one of the most trusted and reliable Mobile wholesale Supplier delivering a worry-free mobile phone trading for the business retailers and direct consumers. We deal with the wholesale distribution of best brands of genuine mobile phones like Samsung phones, Apple iPhones, Apple iPads, Apple iWatches, Xiamoi Phones, Huawei Phones, Nokia Phones, Motorola Phones, OnePlus Phones, Asus Phones, Lenovo Phones, Oppo Phones etc.

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How can I buy cellphones wholesale to India?

Placing bulk order for the mobile phones to India with us is very simple. Place your request for the desired brands and models, get the price quote and we deliver your order at your door-step using our own in-house logistics. As we are based at Dubai Airport Freezone in Dubai, we can offer smooth exporting and importing of bulk order of mobile phones with ease. We have dedicated sales and customer server team to answer all your queries and  with all the required documentation process. As we have been maintaining a strong relationship with the manufacturers and primary distributors of cell phones for years, we can  guarantee that we are offering the best price and genuine products. Our customers keep coming back with bulk orders and they recommend us because of our outstanding service to them. 

Leave a message online, our customer service team will answer your query as early as possible. You can also email us your requirement through mail to [email protected]



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