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Compucell – Wholesale Cellphones Africa, is a trusted global name in the Wholesale, export, import, trade and distribution of mobile phones across different regions in the world. The brand Compucell comes with 18 years of excellence in providing outstanding service in the wholesale mobile phone supply and distribution market. African continent is witnessing a remarkable boom in the use of mobile phones for the past few decades. Compucell is proud to be in association with various countries in the wholesale cellphones Africa market for more than a decade in the Bulk Supply of Original and Genuine Cell Phones / Mobile Phones / Smartphones. We do provide wholesale cell phones supply to majority of the African countries.

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Here are some of the special advantages of doing business with us


Best Prices

Our strong relationship and networking over the past 18 years with manufacturers and primary distributors of Mobile phones and accessories, enable us to procure at the best prices, the benefit of which we are able to pass on to our clients. One of the reasons we have loyal customers since 2001, is the savings they generate on account of the great prices that we provide with.

Worry-Free InHouse Logistics

In-house logistics

We have in-house freight forwarding division, to take the hassles associated with shipping and delivery out of your shoulders. We offer you safe and secure logistics, so that you can conclude each trade deal with complete peace of mind. We ship to any part of the world by air, sea and road at the best rates. Our door-to-door delivery service is a superior advantage, especially to overseas clients.

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Outstanding Service

The quality of our customer service can be gauged from the ever increasing number of clients who come back for more business and become our regular customers. At every stage in the value chain, our experienced and knowledgeable staff deal with each instance with great care and professionalism.

Trusted Wholesale Cellphones Supplier Africa

Value added services

Our value-added services have been a great motivation for returning customers and our loyal clients. In our secure and controlled shop environment, we provide packing services for clients. For export shipments, this service is a great benefit. We provide packing materials as well and document each instance of packing in our security-camera controlled premises to ensure that there is no discrepancy in the quantity or the quality of packing.

Genuine Wholesale Mobile Phones

Original and Genuine products

The biggest and best advantage of doing business with us is our insistence on dealing with original and genuine products only. We ensure the genuineness of all products that we procure through a series of checks and controls. Therefore, customers can buy from us with the assurance of originality and peace of mind. Our strong association of more than 14 years with original manufacturers and authorized distributors is one of the key in procuring genuine products.



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